In defending the just-slapped-together behemoth Omnibus Spending Bill the House completed in about an hour, House Appropriations Committee Chairman Dave Obey said: “It is December. We don’t really have a choice. The bill’s already been run up; the credit card has already been used. When you get the bill in the mail you need to pay it.” $466 BILLION DOLLARS WORTH.

Well now, THAT makes everything all better. This same mentality is behind the Congressional push to raise the debt ceiling another $2 trillion dollars to boot. They’re trying to get it all behind them so you’ll forget about it when election time rolls around. Somehow I don’t think it’s going to work.

In addition to pork galore that we’ll be spending the next year uncovering, the Omnibus bill also does these vital things!
*Removes a long-standing provision to prohibit all government funds (federal and local) from being used to provide abortion services in the District of Columbia. By inserting the word “federal” before funds, the bill allows the DC government to fund abortions using public dollars.– Pg. 188-189, Sec. 814

*Contains $317.5 million for the Title X family planning program, a $10 million increase over last year’s funding level. Planned Parenthood, the top abortion provider in the country, is the largest recipient of Title X funds.

* Increases international family planning funding to $648.5 million, a $103 million increase from FY09. These funds are no longer protected by the Mexico City Policy, which President Obama rescinded earlier this year, so this massive funding stream will be free to flow to organizations that promote and perform abortion.

*In addition, the bill opens up funding for needle exchange programs, legalization of medical marijuana, domestic partnership benefits, and the Fairness Doctrine. It also contains language that will ultimately require the termination of the D.C. Opportunity Scholarships Program and eliminates funding for abstinence education, instead creating a new federal funding stream for condom education.

It also RAISES the base budget for multiple programs by 9-12%. Congress doesn’t cut, or even maintain previous spending amounts – it jacks them up. And they certainly can’t blame inflation…yet, anyways. We’ll deal with that inevitability when it comes roaring through like a Chinese tiger on New Year’s.

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