CNN’s Susan Roesgen ALWAYS has her panties in a twist, and it’s delicious when Nancy Grace berates her on Nancy’s CNN Headline News show. Apparently, Susan’s pent-up rage had to go SOMEWHERE, so a poor Chicago Tea Party dad and his baby got the treatment. Another shameless performance, Susan! Don’t be holding your breath for a Pulitzer.

Then, we have a completely new low for the asylum that is MSNBC. Do NOT confuse “teabagging” with “tea party”. The skanks at the Olbermann house want to slap the term on the movement, and put out THIS FCC-baiting piece:

Anderson Cooper had to throw his hat in the “teabagging” ring as well, dropping his usual “faux-straight” facade:

So there you have it. Sorry to be the one to break the “teabagging” news if you were unaware, but mine is sometimes a dirty job. They’ve been having a field day with it, cackling with glee, and it needs to stop. Thanks, Mainstream Media!

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