Launched in early November 2008, just days before the election, Right Soup set out to cover political news with an unabashed conservative bias. With so much of the mainstream media in lock-step with the liberal agenda, Right Soup was meant to provide an outlet for conservative voices. Right Soup, it warms your right-wing soul!

Right Soup’s writers:
ErinLead Writer
Born to a family who doesn’t sit on the sidelines, I learned that I was uniquely created, that character matters, that our country is a tremendous blessing, and that our freedoms are never to be taken for granted. I believe that right and wrong are real, not subjective. I’m an entrepreneur, and think that the government should not be an obstacle for businesses, nor a vehicle for special interests. I’m proud to be a job creator and provider, despite the many ways government handcuffs me as a small business owner. Like Matt, I think government and taxes must be smaller for the sake of our economy and our country as a whole. I choose God, family, life and liberty over “political correctness”, and I believe that life is the most basic human right of all. I voted early, and I voted for John McCain.

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